Vendor Abstraction

Our ShardVault architecture has been developed with flexibility in mind and a big part of achieving this flexibility is the Vendor Abstraction, relating both to the collateralization and the yield farming side of things. What this means in practice is our smart contract architecture has been designed to easily and swiftly integrate with any new protocol without having to change any of our existing infrastructure.
We have already integrated with multiple protocols for borrowing against the NFTs in our ShardVaults and are working to do the same for having optionality of where to deploy the borrowed funds.



Our very first integration for the ShardVaults. Peer2protocol lending protocol allowing us to collateralize bluechip NFTs at 40-60% LTVs and 5% interest rate.


Peer2peer lending protocol enabling us to do Over-The-Counter (OTC) deals with any counterparty and collateralize any NFT(s) with completely flexible terms (LTVs, interest rate, maturity, etc.).

Yield Farming


Our very first integration for the ShardVaults. The protocol provides an opportunity to deposit the borrowed ETH derivative pETH in a pETH/ETH Curve liquidity pool and reap rewards in the form of CRV & CVX emissions as well as protocol's own token - JPEG. Expected yield typically fluctuates in the 15%-30% range.

Spice Finance

Work in progress. The protocol provides an opportunity to deposit ETH in their automated lending strategies across all NFT lending marketplaces in the industry, which earn yield both continuously through underwriting NFT-backed loans. Expected yield around the 20% mark.

New integrations

We're always looking integrate with new partners in order to provide our community more value. If you feel like there's potential for a fruitful partnership please reach out to @lzminsky on Telegram or our #partnerships channel on Discord.