Welcome to Insrt

Resources and guides to navigate the Insrt protocol
We are building Insrt - it's a platform and an onchain game where users can win prizes and value created by their most loved communities, accounts, creators and brands. It's a two-sided marketplace where users can take bets with 10x-1000x implied leverage to win value and earn $MINT.
Users can win the exclusive, expensive or otherwise unobtainable while earning $MINT
People, communities and organizations can create or list prizes to monetize their mindshare.
Win and craft moonshots without being a trader or a contracts engineer
Be advised that the desktop application is currently on mainnet in an alpha state.
We are initially deploying on Blast.
The guides and resources included here aim to help new and existing users become familiar with the Insrt Protocol. To learn more about the protocol, product and benefits, please visit the respective section in the nav bar to your left. Please join the discussion on the community telegram server with any specific questions.

Who are we?

We're a team of builders who have been through our fair share of market cycles. We've worked on projects such as Opyn, Truffle Suite, OlympusDAO and Perennial, while bring in lots of experience from traditional tech, betting platforms and hedge fund engineering.


The Insrt team previously built the ShardVaults. ShardVaults are still live and are covered in their section of these Docs until the product will be sunset with the liquidation of the final ShardVault.
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