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Welcome to Insrt

Resources and guides to navigate the Insrt protocol
Welcome to our docs! In these docs, we cover Perpetual Mints and the Insrt Protocol.
With Perpetual Mints, users have the ability to win moonshot rewards at any time regardless of market conditions. You can get an outsized payoff in the form of a reward. The reward can be anything from tokens to digital art or even physical items! Every single time you use the app, you always win $MINT tokens. The $MINT token is a rebase mechanic ensuring that users are aligned with the success of the platform.
BE ADVISED - Perpetual Mints is currently in a very early open beta! Use at your own discretion.
The dApp is built on top of Insrt Protocol. Insrt Protocol is developing creator tooling allowing users to create IOUs on-chain. IOUs can promise anything from the delivery of an asset to an outsized social opportunity. We want to create creator tooling that provides a canvas for creators to give bidders the kind of opportunities that they love in crypto - moonshots, a sense of community and being rewarded for positive-sum actions.
The Insrt team previously built the ShardVaults (V1). ShardVaults are still live and are covered in their section of these Docs.
The guides and resources included here aim to help new and existing users become familiar with the Insrt Protocol. To learn more about the protocol, product and benefits, please visit the respective section in the nav bar to your left. Please join the discussion on the community discord server with any specific questions.