🎁How To Claim A Reward?

πŸ”— Step 1: Access the Perpetual Mints Platform

  1. Visit the official Perpetual Mints website.

  2. Ensure your digital wallet is connected. If not, select "Connect Wallet" to link your account.

🎟️ Step 2: Navigate to Your Ticket

  1. On the platform's main interface, look for a notification or a highlighted section indicating your win.

  2. Click on it to navigate to the specific ticket tied to your primary asset win.

  3. Or click the β€œMy mints” tab at the top

🌐 Step 3: Redeem Your Reward

  1. With the ticket opened, you'll see a "Claim Reward" or "Redeem" button.

  2. Click on this button.

  3. A pop-up may appear confirming the details of your reward. Review these details to ensure everything is correct.

  4. You are also able to trade these Tickets on the open-market.

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